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March 15, 2023

The Run on Silicon Valley Bank

No doubt, you’ve heard about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. But do you know how it happened? Or why? Greg and Doug Stokes give these answers and more about how the government stepped in and what the biggest bank crash since 2008 means for the economy moving forward.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:41] - How the demise of Silicon Valley Bank really started in the COVID era
  • [06:24] - What a bank run looks like in the technological age
  • [11:28] - Where will the Fed go from here?
  • [18:01] - A look at current CPI and Trueflation numbers


“This all just leads me to believe that a prudent strategic asset allocation approach and not trying to jump in and out is even more important nowadays because It seems like information, as quickly as it gets across the wires, prices move so quickly that somebody attempting to jump in and out of the market and saying, ‘look, I'm going to take a break until things settle down.’ It's almost impossible to do that nowadays because everything just bounces around so quickly.” - Doug Stokes

“It seems as of now, that things have chilled out, and the markets are positive now that CPI numbers have come out. But the interesting thing is what the Fed does. In terms of raising rates, they raise until something breaks, is the saying. And obviously, something broke.”  - Greg Stokes


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