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April 19, 2022

The Opportunity in Opportunity Zones with Joe Truhe

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With America more divided than ever before, few things have the power to bring together both sides of the political spectrum. The Opportunity Zone program is one of those rarities specially designed to satisfy political opposites. Not to mention, dramatically improving the community around us. 

But some businesses and individuals are hesitant about holding an investment for 10 years, or maybe they only remember the policy’s flawed origin story. An expert on all things Opportunity Zones, Joe Truhe from Jefferson Capital Partners is here to demystify the program’s complexities and core benefits. 

In this episode, Joe talks with Doug and Greg about the benefits – both financial and humanitarian – of the Opportunity Zone program, including how the program manages to merge oppositional thinking, how OZs work in practice, and why the program fits perfectly within Jefferson Capital’s core strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:52] - What are Opportunity Zones? 
  • [02:30] - How the Opportunity Zone program marries both sides of the political spectrum and how it actually works in practice. 
  • [08:31] - How individuals can use Opportunity Zones to invest in a business.
  • [11:27] - Why real estate investment took off in Opportunity Zones and what future law changes mean for current OZ investments. 
  • [15:27] - Why the 10-year hold is a drawback for many. 
  • [17:15] - What happens when you sell a company within that 10-year window.
  • [20:18] - The real financial benefits of the Opportunity Zone program. 
  • [27:07] - How the Opportunity Zone program fits within Jefferson Capital’s core strategy. 


[02:20] - “The Opportunity Zone program is designed to get both sides of the political landscape to join on economic development in otherwise underserved communities.” ~ Joe Truhe

[28:49] - “These are times of opportunity for us, no pun intended, but you can sort of lean into the chaos and grab market share with private investment where you may not be able to in a public company. That’s the illiquidity trade-off.” ~ Joe Truhe


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