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Feb. 8, 2022

Rate Hiking Cycle, Housing, and Business As Usual In 2022

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In this episode, Doug and Greg talk about the rate hiking cycle as we enter 2022, the truth about debt and the affordability of housing, the impact of monopoly capitalism, and the new business investor mindset amid a pandemic.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:55] - Ken Fisher’s insights on the rate hiking cycle of 2022.
  • [03:51] - There is no rule of thumb in markets.
  • [06:29] - Debt and affordability in housing.
  • [08:25] - How Amazon remains on top.
  • [09:47] - How the smallest Airpods became as big as all of Tesla.
  • [14:33] - The “COVID is airborne” newsbreak and its market implications.
  • [18:31] - How to do business as usual amid COVID.
  • [21:11] - The impact that relatively safety has had on society.
  • [24:44] - Why new parents should opt for automated savings.


[03:51] - “There is really no rule of thumb in markets. If you think about it, do you really think that the collective knowledge of the millions and millions of investors that are participating in markets are not aware that we're in a rate hiking cycle now, or at least entering one? There's just so much going on in the markets beyond just one of these particular narratives that drive prices.” - Doug Stokes

[10:55] -“In terms of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, their size and their company have an ingrained nature in our lives─I don't see that as a negative. And I don't see them as respective monopolies, as purely anti-competitive. I think they've improved our lives in crazy ways. And I think they still continue to do so.”- Doug Stokes

[19:38] - “A lot of it is going to come from leadership. The CDC just came out and said quarantine, if you're exposed or have COVID, is five days now, down from 10. In the midst of an Omicron wave, I think that the signal the government is sending, which I think is the right signal, is that we need to start working on the next phase of this getting back to, nearly, or 100% of what previous life was like.”- Doug Stokes


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