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July 19, 2022

Optics, Opportunity, and the Stock-Based Psyche

This week, Doug Stokes and Greg Stokes discuss the state of corporate America, why stock-based investors should treat dividends like rent, the fluctuation of global currency, and why the Federal Reserve is stoking your recession-based fears. 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:31] - What to make of the dividends increase per share versus price increase per share. 
  • [05:15] - What the current housing market means for a potential recession. 
  • [08:42] - Why it feels like a recession is approaching.
  • [11:39] - The implications, opportunities, and root causes of the decline in value of European currency. 


[02:06] - “If you were a real estate investor, even though the value of your property was down you probably didn’t know it. If your rents were up 14% over the last twelve months – you wouldn’t really care what the actual value of the property was. The same thing should apply to stock-based investing. In the case of dividends appreciating by 14%, even though the value has fluctuated, and fluctuated negatively, over the last twelve months, your ‘rents’ or your dividends are up 14%. ” ~ Greg Stokes

[04:45] - “In essence, if you buy in great companies that have pricing power and are able to pass through increased costs to their customers and then increase the dividends paid to you, that’s something to treat like a piece of property and collect your rents, your increased rents, year over year.” ~ Doug Stokes

[11:29] - “Whether there’s a recession or not, it seems like the best place to be is in the U.S. markets currently. We’re actually seeing that in currency movements.” ~ Doug Stokes


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