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Sept. 20, 2022

Multi-Generational Wealth Stewardship with Jason Baker

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For centuries, families have passed down their wealth from one generation to the next. However, with the modern-day challenges, the need for a more formalized approach to multi-generational wealth stewardship has never been greater.

In this episode, Doug and Greg talk with Jason Baker, a former NFL punter who is now the CEO and Partner at Paterson Center. This organization helps individuals and organizations be very intentional about their strategy and performance. After going through a life plan with one of the best strategic planning facilitators, Jason found clarity in the next act in his life. Today, he got licensed to hold all the Paterson licensing in his private practice.

Jason talks with Doug and Greg about how he transitioned from playing football to owning a consulting firm, what Paterson Center can offer clients, and his approach to creating a life plan for families with different dynamics.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:07] - A brief overview of Jason's NFL career.
  • [04:43] - How Jason transitioned from being an athlete to owning a consulting firm.
  • [06:18] - What Paterson Center can offer clients.
  • [08:09] - How LifePlan and StratOp work for families.
  • [13:11] - In what ways Paterson practices accountability for its strategies.
  • [16:59] - How Jason creates a life plan for families with different dynamics.
  • [21:48] - The timeline for creating a family constitution.
  • [26:07] - How Jason markets their services to attract new clients.
  • [28:27] - The type of family Paterson Center usually works with.
  • [33:27] - What Jason thinks is the most important role on an NFL team.


[14:31] - "It's our job to recognize where the family wants to go and what needs to happen to get there. Then we'll certainly embrace getting there and maintaining our accountability." ~ Jason Baker

[27:03] - "Our goal is always to do the best work we can that somehow we will be a blessing to the organizations and families we work with." ~ Jason Baker

[32:40] - "We love the opportunity to help people do what they want with what they've got and what they've been blessed with in the world. And I'm fortunate enough to have some pretty cool tools to do it." ~ Jason Baker


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