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June 7, 2022

Life and Money Through a Latin American Lens with Ian Bezek

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Sometimes, the best places to invest are the places no one’s looking. Ian Bezek has become an expert on under-the-radar places to spend his time and invest his money. Having spent the last eight years living in South and Latin American countries, he’s an advocate for exploring countries that cost less for a higher quality of life. Not to mention, he’s diving headfirst into the international markets and is here to share his tips for investing overseas. 

Rather than looking where everyone else is (literally), Ian focuses on compounding businesses, companies constantly growing their earnings, companies with nearly irreplaceable assets, and businesses becoming leaders in a “boring” sector. He values companies with exit ramps and hand railings over those with high-speed glass elevators and no red exit sign in sight. His stocks may not be the sexiest, but Ian’s peace of mind and the performance of his portfolio remain intact. 

In this episode, Ian talks with Doug and Greg about his perspective on the U.S. versus Latin American markets, his philosophy on the ESG score, when Ian predicts we’ll see market revisions in the U.S., tips for exploring life in Colombia, and the surprising sector Ian believes is this decade’s top growth industry.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:18] - An introduction to this episode and Ian Bezek. 
  • [01:34] - Ian’s perspective on the markets post-2020. 
  • [03:14] - How Ian describes today’s markets in comparison to the previous tech bust in 2000. 
  • [05:30] - When Ian believes market revisions will happen.
  • [06:41] - What industries and sectors Ian focuses on. 
  • [09:36] - How the perception of the companies Ian invests in has shifted over the years. 
  • [10:36] - What Ian thinks is the best growth industry this decade and what he’s keeping an eye on as the 2020s continue to evolve. 
  • [13:07] - Why Ian believes EVs are overblown and where you can be investing instead. 
  • [15:15] - Ian's experience living in Latin and South America and why low-cost and high-quality living areas are fantastic (and feasible) options.
  • [17:08] - What the quality of life is like in Columbia. 
  • [18:56] - How Ian views Latin America and Columbia from an investment perspective. 
  • [21:18] - What’s worth the investment in Latin and South American countries. 
  • [26:27] - How ESG metrics impact Ian’s investment choices.
  • [30:01] - What Ian loves to do in Columbia. 


[21:52] - “I’d say one thing that a lot of people should pay more attention to are the Mexican companies because you can find companies that are much less cyclical there, like the airports for example.” ~ @irbezek

[24:40] - “I do think that the Latin American markets should outperform.  In particular, Mexico’s kind of the one I’ve planted my flag on because that’s a much broader market that is not just tied to commodities. So I think investors will rediscover that one.” ~ @irbezek


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