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Aug. 16, 2022

Jamaul Ford: Combining Entrepreneurship With Service in New Orleans

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In this episode, Jamaul Ford, a serial entrepreneur in New Orleans who runs High Level Speech and Hearing Center with his wife, Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford, talks with Greg and Doug about launching a product-based business alongside a service-based venture, the R&D behind Jamaul and Lana’s product Jrumz, why culture is invaluable within big and small operations, and the challenges and opportunities associated with launching a business in New Orleans.     

Key Takeaways

  • [00:23] - A brief introduction to Jamaul.
  • [00:46] - How High Level Speech and Hearing Center came to fruition. 
  • [04:28] - What the High Level Speech & Hearing Center looks like today.
  • [06:35] - Why Jamaul and Lana developed Jrumz. 
  • [10:27] - Why Jrumz has a better sound quality than AirPods. 
  • [11:55] - What challenges Jamaul and Lana overcame starting their business versus launching a consumer products company.
  • [16:02] - How to transition from direct-to-consumer to retail outlets and distribution. 
  • [17:55] - The R&D process behind Jrumz. 
  • [20:54] - What Jamaul is developing at Joseph Ford Enterprises. 
  • [23:03] - How Jamaul, Doug, and Greg have experienced running a business in New Orleans and how they believe New Orleans can prosper. 


[06:55] - “Most people don’t know this: as an entrepreneur, what we are, we are problem solvers, we typically identify what the problem is and try to come up with a solution.” ~ Jamaul Ford

[15:21] - “Being product-based is really about building community. And when you’re trying to build community, it’s more or less like building people [who] are zealots of your product that are going to go out and tell other people. As much marketing, Facebook advertisement, these things you can do, still word of mouth is always going to be the thing that’s really going to push your product to the next level.” ~ Jamaul Ford

[23:32] - “When it comes to building businesses in New Orleans, I really believe that you have to know the city, you have to know the needs of the city, know the people of the city, to know what to provide for the people of the city.” ~ Jamaul Ford

[24:04] - “I do believe personally that it is important to master something in New Orleans and then transition it to the masses.” ~ Jamaul Ford


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