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Aug. 23, 2022

Debunking Market Myths

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What are the narratives in the market? Bullish or bearish? This is a question that is always on the mind of investors. The stock market is constantly bombarding investors with news, analysis, and commentary, and it can be overwhelming to try to make sense of it all. However, looking at the market narratives from a different perspective can give you a better understanding of what is happening in the market. 

In today's episode, Greg and Doug debunk market myths. They explore the market narratives through a different lens by looking at the news, analyst opinions, and price action.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:15] - How the markets have rebounded recently.
  • [06:16] - How the markets are doing better today than they have ever been.
  • [08:57] - Why the current mortgage rate is unpleasant for homebuyers.
  • [13:37] - What an inverted yield curve means from a market perspective.
  • [18:34] - Why investing early in life is important.


[06:57] - "Things are better now than they've ever been. From a short-term perspective, things have been looking a lot better. Inflation seems to have chilled out, and the latest inflation numbers were flat monthly." - Greg Stokes

[07:51] - "Consumers are tapping into savings to fight inflation. On top of that, debt levels and delinquencies are rising." - Doug Stokes

[15:23] - "Historically, a yield curve leads to a recession. And a recession is always accompanied by a negative market experience." - Doug Stokes

[21:20] - "Invest early, invest often, be aggressive, and stick with the plan. If you do that for many decades, it will work out in your favor." -  Greg Stokes


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