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Oct. 18, 2022

Crisis in the Global Economy

Several warning signs suggest the possibility of a recession. Unemployment is rising, material rates are increasing, and there are issues with the supply chain. In addition, site costs and mortgage rates are going up. These factors lead many experts to believe that an obviously looming recession is on the horizon.

In this episode, Doug and Greg talk about recent headlines on the global economy, what surveys and analysts are saying about the current state of the economy, and how high mortgage rates are affecting the housing market.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:21] - Recent headlines on the global economy.
  • [06:01] - What surveys say about the economy and the market.
  • [11:17] - What analysts have to say about the current state of the market.
  • [14:27] - Insights into how bull markets and bear markets work.
  • [15:40] - The impact of high mortgage rates on the housing market.
  • [20:00] - What it takes to survive a possible recession.


[03:38] - "The markets are hoping that data provides the Fed an excuse to pivot or get more dovish and not continue down the path of raising rates. The jobs report that came out on Friday did the opposite." ~ Greg Stokes

[06:56] - "The Federal Reserve is trying to push the economy into a recession, which means having corporate profit margins cut substantially, and corporate earnings cut down, leading to higher unemployment." ~ Doug Stokes

[14:42] - "Bear markets are typically an elevator down, and bull markets are an escalator on the way back up. Meaning that typically bear markets happen pretty quickly, and then it slows as it's climbing a wall of worry from the standpoint of re-initiating another bull market." ~ Greg Stokes


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