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June 14, 2022

A Crash Course on Crypto with David Chase

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It’s no secret that cryptocurrency has been a trending point of contention for financial experts and the general public. But is it worth the hype or a bubble waiting to burst? David Chase of Crescent City Capital has become an expert on the subject. But David’s desire to explore crypto was not for the sake of hopping on a fintech fad.

Spending his early career learning the nuances of central bank policy, David had a hunch there was a better way to regulate policy. After diving into the subject, cryptocurrency became that solution. 

So after a year of exclusively trading crypto, David launched Crescent City Capital with his partner Hunter Metcalf. The firm’s goal is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible and David’s personal belief is that crypto is not only here to stay, but is fundamentally irreplaceable. 

In this episode, David talks with Doug and Greg about why crypto solves the problems most currencies encounter, the future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, how anyone can and should invest in crypto, and the potential life-saving impact of digital currency.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:18] - An introduction to David and his background. 
  • [04:55] - Bitcoin’s solution to the flaws in centralized policy, and what mining cryptocurrency actually means. 
  • [08:18] - Why it’s valuable to invest in Bitcoin and the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. 
  • [10:58] - What makes Bitcoin valuable. 
  • [11:48] - Why Bitcoin is an inflationary hedge. 
  • [14:19] - How Bitcoin is invaluable in moments of political instability.
  • [18:00] - Why David believes Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. 
  • [20:17] - The future of blockchain technology. 
  • [25:43] - What stablecoins are and the difference between collateralized and arithmetic stablecoins. 
  • [34:17] - Where David believes Bitcoin is headed. 


[19:55] - “I don’t see any of the top 10s going away, I certainly don’t see Bitcoin going away unless there’s this onset of some kind of one world central bank currency that could potentially replace it. But even then it’s not the same, it’s not disinflationary. Any central bank currency is going to have to be inflationary.” ~ David Chase

[21:27] - “We listen to three or four pitches a day. And I can tell you, the smartest minds in the world are moving toward blockchain development.” ~ David Chase

[33:58] - “Until Bitcoin or the total asset class valuation reaches a point, kind of the equivalent of gold or even silver, you’re going to have massive manipulation, massive volatility. I think that scares a lot of people away. But with volatility comes opportunity.” ~ David Chase


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